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Hue is a mature open source Query Assistant for querying, visualizing and sharing data in Databases & Data Warehouses:

Thousands of companies and organizations use Hue to open-up their data and provide self service querying. Hue is heavily used by:

  • 1000+ customers
  • Top Fortune 500

who are executing 100s of 1000s of queries daily. It also ships in Amazon AWS and its open source version is used by hundred of companies.

Hue is also ideal for building your own Cloud SQL Editor and any contributions are welcomed.


The Administrator guide describes how to install and manage the server and configure connectors to your Databases, Warehouses, Storages.


The User guide has instructions about how to leverage Querying and Sharing functionalities.


How to extend SQL connectors, reuse the API or build applications is detailed in the Developer guide.