HUE v0.9.1, released July 21, 2010

HUE 0.9.1 is mainly a bug-fix release. Most notably:

  • A lot of installation related issues have been corrected.
  • The JFrame filtering system now supports garbage collection of individual elements, which fixes memory leak on partial refresh.
  • IE compatibility has improved.
  • User manual has been updated.

This release also includes a few small features:

  • New multi-select widget for the front-end.
  • A new configuration variable, +http_500_debug_mode+, turns on debugging for internal server error.
  • The +app_reg+ tool registers and display the application's author.

List of All Bugs Fixed

  • HUE-2. app_reg does not install conf/*.ini
  • HUE-3. Prod install contains jframegallery
  • HUE-4. User manual S2.1 incorrect
  • HUE-5. libs/hadoop should be more lenient looking for jars
  • HUE-8. beeswax import data doesn't work
  • HUE-10. Makefile.vars: DESKTOP_PLUGIN_DIR incorrect
  • HUE-12. Drop down box to select user for chown
  • HUE-13. app_reg should show app's author
  • HUE-14. make processing ext-py unnecessarily
  • HUE-15. Explicitly specifying default for jobtracker.thrift.address for consistency with hdfs-site.xml
  • HUE-16. Provide a way to tell hudson.sh to skip cleaning the checkout.
  • HUE-17. ‘make install’ fails if the working tree is not clean
  • HUE-18. tests in ‘help’ app should not depend on useradmin
  • HUE-19. Add get_content_summaries call to NameNode plugin.
  • HUE-21. Create new JFrame Filter system that allows for individual element
  • HUE-22. Allow relcoation of a Hue installation
  • HUE-23. Integrate IE Compatible Protovis
  • HUE-24. Filesize Sorting doesn't work
  • HUE-25. Allow multi-select for moving multiple users into a group
  • HUE-26. UserAdmin js file throws error in IE
  • HUE-28. confparse wasn't handling continued lines correctly
  • HUE-29. Set HADOOP_LOG_DIR for mini_cluster.py
  • HUE-30: Add support for Behavior Filters to add keyboard events to JFrame instance
  • HUE-32. User manual update
  • HUE-33. Protovis version has bug wherein mark events do not have their index properly set
  • HUE-34. Make Splitview's fixed side be the one with the explicit size
  • HUE-35. create icons for tiny file browser and a “go up” folder
  • HUE-36. Allow form controls and the like to work in elements that toggle splitviews
  • HUE-40. virtualenv_support missing setuptools for py2.6
  • HUE-42. Toolbar buttons look messed up in Chrome
  • HUE-44. Filebrowser: move file ok button does nothing while no file/folder is selected
  • HUE-46. Bump version number for 0.9.1 release
  • HUE-47. FitText filter isn't garbage collecting right
  • HUE-49. create table syntax error for partition table
  • HUE-50. Removing desktop/core/ext-py/python-ldap-2.3.11.
  • HUE-51. Hue needs a 500 template
  • HUE-53. Fix various IE compatibility issues.
  • HUE-56. 0.9.1 release notes

Project Information

Homepage: http://github.com/cloudera/hue