Hue v1.1.0, released Oct 11, 2010

Hue is a web interface for Hadoop, and a platform for building custom applications with a rich framework. The 1.1.0 is a minor release, largely focused on adding security support to Hue, matching the security support of Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop 3, beta 3.

Notable Changes and Caveats

Kerberos Integration for Secured Hadoop Clusters:

  • Authenticated access to Hadoop File System
  • Authenticated job submission

Frontend and SDK:

  • Support for tree-view table, in which a row can be expanded to show its children rows.
  • Improvement to double-click handling.
  • Improvement to meta-refresh handling.
  • JFrame Filter to load content into a DIV via AJAX.
  • JFrame Filter to update the active url in a JBrowser.


  • Fixes to Help application to improve reliability.
  • Updates to Beeswax, File Browser, Job Designer.


  • Hue 1.1.0 only works with CDH3b3 or newer. CDH2 and earlier versions of CDH3 will not work.
  • The default port for the namenode plugins has changed from 9090 to 10090.

Application Compatibility

The core Hadoop communication layer (to HDFS and JobTracker) now has support for passing security credentials. A few low level APIs have changed, but most applications should not be affected.

List of All Bugs Fixed

  • HUE-139. Changing JFrame to allow Alert and Prompt to use their own Behavior instances
  • HUE-140. Filter Work - Creating DataGroupToggle Behavior filter, and removing NoOverflow and SideBySideSelect JFrame filters
  • HUE-144. Create CollapsingElements Behavior Filter and use throughout Hue
  • HUE-147. Convert FileBrowser private filters
  • HUE-157. Converting Beeswax JFrame filters to Behavior Filters
  • HUE-160. Improving FileChooser and FileSaver
  • HUE-165. Wording Improvements for File Browser
  • HUE-166. Add a “Download Files” button to File Browser main window
  • HUE-167. File Browser: Change “My Home” button to be disabled rather than hidden if the user does not have a home directory.
  • HUE-169. Allow SizeTo to accept percentages
  • HUE-171. Update Hue to Mako 0.3.4
  • HUE-173. Buttons over top of the dropdown
  • HUE-176. Implement fix for Chrome bug when scrollbars are hidden.
  • HUE-177. Implement support for HtmlTable tree view
  • HUE-178. jobbrowser mapred input dir makes no sense.
  • HUE-179. Automatically sync the checked state of the first checkbox of each row in the HtmlTable with it's “selected” state.
  • HUE-182. Wording and UI improvements for Job Designer
  • HUE-186. Add functionality to DataGroupToggle
  • HUE-187. Update Help File for Job Designer
  • HUE-189. Ship with more elaborate desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini (etc.)
  • HUE-191. Build should honour python version set in buildvars
  • HUE-192. Doc build should generate html for release notes
  • HUE-193. Add a way to add “plugins” to registered applications (front end)
  • HUE 194. Wrong dependencies in the manual + minor inconsistency
  • HUE-195. Wording Improvements for Job Browser
  • HUE-197. Improvements for SelectWithOther filter.
  • HUE-198. HtmlTable keyboard instances steal Keyboard chain on startup
  • HUE-199. Add support for SubmitOnChange on inputs, select, and textarea elements in addition to containers of such inputs.
  • HUE-201. Add ability for HtmlTable to restore state on refresh
  • HUE-202. Implementing sample for tree view. A “pstree” jframegallery.
  • HUE-204. Update Content of Help Welcome file
  • HUE-205. Hudson test runs into pylint bug
  • HUE-208. Beeswax should load auxiliary libs specified via hive.aux.jars.path to classpath.
  • HUE-209. Ensure that the selected state of a table row remains even on mouseover
  • HUE-210. Overwrite MooTools methods for query string encoding to not use brackets for arrays
  • HUE-211. Add ability to load content into an app via Ajax without loading the whole screen.
  • HUE-212. Add ability to load a link without scrolling to the top after it loads.
  • HUE-213. Add ability to update the query string of the current path without reloading the window.
  • HUE-214. Add ability to load portions of a tree-view table via ajax.
  • HUE-215. Change default thrift server port
  • HUE-216. Ability to specify Hue configuration directory via environment variable.
  • HUE-219. Make Hue work with CDH3 trunk
  • HUE-220. Broken link in the “Hue Tarball Installation Guide”
  • HUE-222. Add ability to configure visible table columns
  • HUE-225. Make Partial Refresh work when the response has more or fewer items in it than the previous response
  • HUE-229. Request instances are not reusable.
  • HUE-230. Selected rows in filebrowser have hover state colors that are unreadable
  • HUE-231. hue create_desktop_app error
  • HUE-232. FitText is broken in IE8; disable, fix and then re-enable
  • HUE-233. Fixing “chmod” checkbox styling.
  • HUE-234. make docs creates the wrong sdk directory
  • HUE-239. Spinner no longer appears when requests run
  • HUE-240. Update Help File for File Browser.
  • HUE-241. Make supervisor launch errors more visible
  • HUE-242. Change HtmlTable TreeView code to deal with Partial Refresh's new feature of removing nodes missing from the response
  • HUE-243. Filebrowser links are being inconsistently urlencoded
  • HUE-244. “Web 1.0” file upload functionality broken
  • HUE-245. Rework configurable columns to have the config icon in the first column on the left and support sortability.
  • HUE-246. Supervisor should handle keyboard interrupt correctly
  • HUE-247. Update Help File for Job Browser.
  • HUE-248. Update Help File for Job Designer
  • HUE-250. Prevent Side-by-side select from allowing you to double click the table header.
  • HUE-252. Revert “No Ticket. Moving depender requirements into a single statement for index.mako.”
  • HUE-253. Query Save As dialog appears empty
  • HUE-255. Create ability to refresh the current view with additional get parameters
  • HUE-258. Hue file upload always creates files as hue user when running against insecure cluster
  • HUE-259. Beeswax doesn't work with Hadoop security enabled
  • HUE-267. prod install should not require ant
  • Adding a demo for resizable HtmlTable columns.
  • Adding some images for status display across apps.
  • Auto refresh filter url compare method needed to escape the urls to compare them.
  • Because secret_key may change, capture SuspiciousOperation in listing of active users.
  • Beeswax server should not comment out reading Hue http port.
  • Changing error popup message wrapper from PRE to CODE tag to allow wrapping.
  • Correctly include timezone offset in python log messages.
  • CSS styles for dock icon and tree-view table.
  • Destroying spinner after each request.
  • Hue now only builds against CDH3 trunk. No reason for hudson script to support anything else.
  • JFrameGallery index now shows _ as spaces. Renaming a few JFrame Gallery files and removing a duplicate.
  • Moving depender requirements into a single statement for index.mako.
  • Removing dash selectors as these are now defined in ART.Widgets
  • Renaming some of the ext/thirdparty/js directories, adding Behavior and More-Behaviors.
  • Ship with a better log.conf.
  • Small change for browser specific CSS styling and some whitespace changes.
  • Update across the board to Thrift 0.5.0.
  • Updated manual with the latest release notes.
  • Update documentation to require the latest Hadoop with security.

Project Information

Homepage: https://gethue.com