Some of the UI elements in Hue are available as generic Web Components. They are library/framework agnostic, and can be used in any web project irrespective of what its built upon - React, Angular, Ember or something else.

They can be imported as classic JavaScript modules for your own development needs.

Component list


There are two ways to get them:

NPM registry

Published as a NPM package in You do not need a dependency on a complete local Hue project.

To run the demo app make the following changes:

  1. Install gethue NPM package

    npm install --save gethue
  2. In package.json, remove "hue": "file:../../../.." without touching the newly added gethue dependency

  3. In src/app.js, change the import line to:

    import sqlAutocompleteParser from 'gethue/parse/sql/hive/hiveAutocompleteParser';
  4. In webpack.config.js:

    • Change 'js' to 'node_modules/gethue' under resolve.modules
    • Remove exclude: /node_modules/, from babel-loader

Local repository

Checkout Hue and cd to the demo app. Steps are similar if you would like to use your own app instead of the demo app.

cd tools/examples/api/hue_dep

npm install
npm run webpack
npm run app

In hue_dep package.json there is a dependency on Hue:

"dependencies": {
  "hue": "file:../../.."

Now let's import the Hive parser:

import sqlAutocompleteParser from 'hue/desktop/core/src/desktop/js/parse/sql/hive/hiveAutocompleteParser';


Here is an example on how to use the er-diagram component once installed:


er-diagram can be imported into an html file using a simple script tag as follows.

<script type = "text/javascript" src="node_modules/gethue/web/er-diagram.js"></script>

If you are using a bundler like webpack. They can be imported using a normal import statement.

import 'gethue/web/er-diagram';


Once imported they can be used like a native HTML tag.

<er-diagram id="erd-id"/>

Please refer these demo apps for examples on how the components can be used. You must be able to directly pass attributes, and listen to custom and native events.

Use as a Vue Component

Internally these components are created using Vue.js & TypeScript. So you can even use them as plain Vue component, and take advantage of Vue features. Vue version of the components are under gethue/components.

import ERDiagram from 'gethue/components/er-diagram/index.vue';